October, 2018

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Tri State Tech Tip Quickly navigate Youtube videos with keyboard shortcuts: Press J to back up 10 seconds. Press K to pause the video. Press L to jump forward 10 seconds. Press M to mute the video.

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All gaming consoles and accessories on sale now today only 20% off

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Tri State Computer Tech Tip of the day: Get someone to stop texting you Sure, you can block a number when you get an annoying text message. But this response may helpful in getting the texts to stop quickly: SMS: SERVICE ERROR 305: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be charged to your account.

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Full set of golf clubs with bag $45

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This just thin Pioneer CDJ – 1000 MK2 DJ equipment two out of three work third four parts take all 3 for $250

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Cabela’s 20 million candlepower flashlight with charger on sale now $55

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Just got a whole bunch of classical music CDs in as well as a bunch of other genres. Well over 500 in total all music CDs or dollar each or 10 for $7.50 while supplies last!

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This weekend only tools and appliances 20% off

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Pick and choose all Star Wars toys price between $1 and $5. This week only.

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