How to Sell My Stuff Online

Sell us your unwanted items online. Send us pictures, model numbers, and any specifications that you feel we may need and we will give you a fast quote.

Ship your item to us, we will inspect the item, contact you with price we can offer, and you decide on your payment method. We pay either by paypal, or check by mail.

Items we buy:


Laptop Computers, LCD/LED tv’s, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Ipods, Cell Phones, Iphones, Tablets, Ipads, Video Game Consoles and games,  Jewelry, scrap gold and silver, Coins, Diamonds, Some collectables, vintage items, antiques and much more.

Payments are made after item is inspected for functionality and condition check is performed.

Send item info, pictures to tsccbst at gmail dotcom. You will normally get a quote in as little as 30 minutes, time may vary depending on business hours and holidays

Your Local Computer Store & "Not A Pawn Shop"