Computer & Cyber Security

We Are The Right Professional Team!

TSCC is a highly experienced investigation firm that discreetly helps Corporations, Small Businesses, and Individuals address unwanted cyber intrusions and hacking incidents where the client wants to pursue the incident criminally or civilly.

We have built a team of hacking forensic specialists and top local internet attorneys with the goal of helping our clients develop the evidence they need to file a law suit or to take to the police.  In most of our cases we are able to determine the methods of attacks, develop the required evidence, and in many cases (although not guaranteed), identify the person(s) behind the attack. Our philosophy is simple. When your case needs professional hacking forensic help we are able to use our wealth of experience and contacts to provide our clients with the quickest and most cost efficient solutions possible.


What About Hacking of Emails & Social Media?

At TSCC we receive numerous inquiries about emails and social media accounts that are hacked and whether or not we can identify the perpetrators. Because of Privacy & Intrusion Laws the only legal way to access this information is either through what ever information the site will disclose itself, like Google’s and Facebook’s recent activity. You can also obtain a subpoena by filing a lawsuit, or if the police investigate your case.  Or you can do it the easy way by hiring us and we can help using OSINT technology (Open source Intelligence). CONTACT US!.

What About Cell Phones?

The first step in determining whether or not your cell phone is hacked is to check the following symptoms on your phone and with your provider:

  1. Cell Phone Battery Drainage – Does your phones battery drain quicker than it used to?
  2. Cell Phone Data Usage – A key indicator of your phone having spyware on it is the fact that it usually doubles the amount of usage of your service. This is due to it “Phoning Out” your data to another source.
  3. Cell Phone Light Turning On and Off without you touching it.

If you have experienced these symptoms then you may very well have been hacked. If not then most likely your phone is not hacked.  Either way we can fix it and put your mind at ease.

If you do have these symptoms and you would then like to have it tested or examined forensically then CONTACT US!.

Want to DIY! 

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