1 on 1 adult computer tutoring

Master the Digital World with Expert Computer Tutoring

Unveil the mysteries of the digital realm with our extensive computer training programs. From the raw beginner eager to grasp the basics, to the adept user yearning to delve deeper into advanced concepts, our sessions are meticulously designed to cater to every skill level.

Explore a Wide Array of Training Topics

Computer Basics: Master the foundational skills, from turning on your device and setting it up, to understanding the core functionalities of your operating system.

Software Proficiency: Dive deep into popular software like Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and other essential tools.

Internet & Web Design: Navigate the vast online world with confidence, and even pick up skills to design your own website.

Cybersecurity: Learn to protect your data and understand the intricacies of online threats, firewalls, and safe browsing habits.

Advanced Computing: Explore complex topics like programming, machine learning, or cloud computing under expert guidance.

Tailored Training Options to Fit Your Needs

In-Person Training: Engage in a comprehensive face-to-face learning experience for $100 an hour. Our interactive, hands-on approach guarantees a richer understanding of concepts.

Online Sessions via Zoom: Access quality training remotely at a discounted price of $75 an hour. Learn from the convenience of your home without compromising on the expertise of the session.

Group Sessions for Collaborative Learning

Have a group eager to enhance their computer acumen together? We proudly offer specialized courses for groups of 5 or more at exclusive rates. These sessions are perfect for corporate teams, community groups, or even friends and families.

Why Trust Us with Your Computer Training?

Esteemed Tutors: Our primary tutor is not only seasoned in the field but also serves as a trained professor for a renowned local college. The combination of academic and practical experience ensures you receive unparalleled instruction.

Customizable Curriculum: We believe in adapting to your needs. Our courses are flexible, ensuring you learn exactly what you want at your own pace.

Value-Driven Approach: With our competitive rates and unmatched quality, every session is a step towards substantial knowledge gains.

Embark on a Rewarding Digital Learning Adventure

Don’t let the digital age pass you by. Equip yourself with the essential computer skills under the guidance of our expert professor and make your mark in the tech-driven world!