Welcome to the video gaming corner of Tri-State Computer (TSCC) in Matamoras, PA! Nestled within the heart of our town, we’ve expanded our esteemed buy-sell-trade services to welcome all passionate gamers and collectors. If you’ve got classic video games or consoles gathering dust or are simply looking to trade up, TSCC is the place to be.

Unlocking Value: Our Gaming Trade Process

We pride ourselves on understanding both the nostalgic and monetary value of classic video games and consoles. Here’s a glimpse of our streamlined trading process:

  1. Range of Acceptance: Whether it’s the iconic Atari, a pristine NES cartridge, a well-loved PlayStation 2, or any other classic gem, we’re eager to discuss its value.
  2. Fair Evaluation: Leveraging market trends, historical significance, and condition, we offer competitive rates to ensure you get the best deal.
  3. Swap or Sell: While you can sell your classics for cash, we also offer the option to trade items within our extensive collection, letting you relive or discover other gaming eras.


  • Local Gaming Hub: As a part of the Matamoras, PA community, TSCC offers local gamers a platform to connect, trade, and cherish classic gaming moments.
  • Expertise: With a team passionate about the evolution of gaming, rest assured your classics are being evaluated by aficionados who understand their true worth.
  • Safety and Security: Every transaction, be it a purchase or trade, is done with complete transparency and integrity.

Why TSCC is Matamoras, PA’s Go-To Spot for Classic Gaming Trade

Beyond being a local establishment with years of trusted service, TSCC stands out in the gaming trade for several reasons:

  • Gamer-Centric Approach: We understand the sentimental value attached to classic games and consoles. That’s why our evaluations always consider both monetary and nostalgic worth.
  • Vast Collection: Looking for a particular classic title or console? Chances are, you’ll find it at TSCC. And if you don’t, our network can help source it for you.
  • Immediate Transactions: No waiting periods or prolonged evaluations. We value your time as much as we value the classics you bring in.

Tips for Sellers and Traders:

  1. Packaging Matters: If you have the original box, manual, or any accessories, it can add to the value. Bring them along!
  2. Functionality Check: Before visiting, test your games and consoles. Functioning items often fetch a better price.
  3. Be Open to Trades: Sometimes, trading can bring more value than selling. Dive into our collection and discover a new classic.

In Closing

Tri-State Computer (TSCC) is more than a buy-sell-trade shop. We’re a hub for classic gaming enthusiasts in Matamoras, PA. From trading treasures to reminiscing about epic gaming moments, TSCC offers a unique blend of commerce and community. So, whether you’re looking to sell, trade, or simply relive some golden gaming memories, drop by TSCC. We’re game!